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Artistic Direction

Alberto Princis was born in 1959 in Gorizia, where he lives and works.

He graduated in 1986 from the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy, Course in Drama, Art and Music Studies (DAMS) University of Bologna, with a thesis entitled “James Hillman: art and therapy”.
He then gained a II Level Specializing Master in ”Drama Writing: screenplay and criticism” at the University of Udine, DAMS. He also works as a translator of Hispanic-American literature and is a member of the International P.E.N. Club, Trieste Centre. Amongst various prizes a special mention should go to the “Triestine border writing” prize of 2004, dedicated to Umberto Saba.

He is the creator of the EX Border Project and in 2006 was the artistic director of the cross-disciplinary Cultural Festival in Gorizia, NUDO_COSMO, in 2007 DIS_ORIENTI; in 2008 CARE_CASSANDRE, in 2009 TRA INGANNI and in 2010 O_PERSUASIONI.

Alberto Princis

In 1988 he was included in the volume of the Anthology of Italian poets dedicated to Friuli Venezia-Giulia, edited by the Forum/Fifth Generation of Forlì. Since 1992 he has been writing in the literary magazine “I quaderni della Luna”, published by Campanotto. In 1999 he participated in the “Reading schools”, an initiative carried out by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, involving writers and poets in the most important Italian libraries; the Ministry purchases the books written by these authors and sends them to Italian cultural institutes abroad.

In June 1999 he exhibited a naked report called “le luci di Afrodite” (Aphrodite’s lights, photographs and poems, Exhibition Room of the Public Library “Isontina” in Gorizia). In 2001 he participated, together with other artists, in the initiative”Il muro delle cinque lingue” in Piedimonte (in Gorizia), and created, with the painter Ernesto Paulin, “Ali di serpent”, a poetic and artistic work on the wall of the inner courtyard of the Library “ISontina”.

To date he has published six collections of poems: Le orme e i cancelli (1985), L'amore opaco (1989), Le lucciole del corpo (1999) by the publishing house Braitan of Cormons (GO); Parole senza cornice (1993) was published for the Cultural Institute “Istituto Giuliano di Sotira Cultura e Documentazione” in Trieste; Versi al Cappello (Transmedia, 2004) and Campionario Estate/Autunno (Hammerle Editori, 2008). Some of his poems are collected in the volume/CD Io è un altro –poeti per la pace (Nota-Valter Colle, 2007). A collection of aphorisms, epigrams and works in prose, 'La grandezza e l'alibi', was published by the publishing house Campanotto in 1994.

He translated a collection of poems from Spanish into Italian, with the title 'La mulatta del balcone di fronte' by Juan Carlos Iglesias (Ibiskos, 2001), the novels 'La favola' by Innocenzo Onesto, 'Il decapitato' by Juan Octavio Prenz (Marsilio, 2001) and 'Morte nel bosco' by Eugenio Fuentes (Marsilio, 2002).

He has also written some critical essays on the works of a number of artists such as Tobia Ravà (L'anima del suono, in Orienti Occidentali, AlcArte, 1987), Ernesto Paulin (Il macello, in “Studi Goriziani”, in the library Biblioteca Statale Isontina 91-92, 2000 and Sull'arciere, in Figure del presente, Galleria Regionale Spazzapan, 2005) and Roberto Kusterle (Reliquie animali ironici inferni, controcanti per ritratti, in Riti del corpo, Regional Gallery Spazzapan, 2003).

Alberto Princis
via Lunga 40 - 34170, Gorizia - Italia
Tel: +39 340.6231791