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S.O.S. Culture


S.O.S.TIENI EX BORDER AND THE FESTIVAL OF CULTURE Since 2006, The Ex Border Association has organized in Gorizia the Festival of Culture (supported by the Italian region of Friuli Venezia Giulia, the municipality of Gorizia, the Carigo Foundation, and this year financed also by the EU Culture Programme 2007-2013, through the cultural cooperation project Read me Live). Nudo Cosmo (Naked Cosmos) in 2006, Dis-Orienti (Puzzled) 2007, Care_ Cassandre (Dear Cassandras)in 2008, Tra inganni (Through Illusions) in 2009 and this year’s name, O_PERSUASIONI (O_Persuasions).

However, despite wide audience participation, generous press coverage and high quality guests, we are witnessing a decrease in financial support, with some rare exceptions. We are no longer able to guarantee the scope of this event. Why, like elsewhere, does the Festival of Culture fail to take off? Some private and public institutions remain absent and distant, unable to enter into discussion with those who produce and promote the vitality of a territory. We do not believe in the current economic crisis as an excuse for a lack of support, since the allocation of contributions and investment choices should also be proportional to the results, that is to say, increasing the importance of a town, as well as the economic benefits brought in. Deprived of cultural events, a society becomes poorer, both spiritually and morally.

The Cutural Festival (“a pause that illuminates”) risks becoming just a memory of Gorizia and will perhaps be forced to close or move elsewhere , where more importance is attached to investment in local resources and development projects through high quality cultural events initiated thanks to the skills and efforts of local citizens and associations. During the days of the Cultural Festival, the Ex border Association has promoted local cultures and personalities as well as nationally and internationally renewed authors, poets, writers, philosophers, scientists and artists, such as Umberto Galimberti, Marcello Veneziani, Stefano Zecchi, Edoardo Boncinelli, Valerio Massimo Manfredi, Boris Pahor, Willy Pasini, Roberto Pazzi, Fritjof Capra, Alexandra Petrova, Marco Pesatori, Mauro Corona, Massimo Donà, Michelle Nouri, Slavoj Žižek, Davide Rondoni, Mario Capanna, Marco Pesatori, Maram Al-Masri, Giobbe Covatta, Paolo Crepet, Maurizio Pallante, Massimo Fini, Tomaso Kemeny, etc. and during the O_PERSUASIONI Festival, Anna Kanakis, Mario Santagostini, Kornelijus Platelis, Gianandrea Franchi, Tobia Ravà, Arianna Chieli, Nadia Busato, Anna Garano, William Dello Russo and others will be guests of honour.

If you have a heartfelt interest in keeping this events going and in offering support, we would be very grateful. By authority received, every donation above 200 € will be made public.

1. CHEQUE ACCOUNT HOLDER, BANK OF CIVIDALE, Gorizia branch, Corso Italia 91:
2. IBAN IT 93 E0548412400046570410621
NOTES:- In the 'reason for payment' column, it is necessary to specify liberal payment and as well as consent for or renunciation of the donor’s identity being made public. - Remember to fill in the paying-in slip with the donor’s name and surname as well as the address for the receipted bill.

In the name of the Ex Border Association, I would like to thank all those partners – as well as companies, dealers, restaurateurs, hoteliers, associations and artists - who have supported us thus far (with goods, services, discounts, actions and thoughts), and the audiences who have followed us every year, demure, educated and cultured, genuinely interested in this cultural event in Gorizia: these are the reasons why I still believe in the Cultural Festival, against any crisis, resignation or pessimism.

Alberto Princis
Artistic Director