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Friday 18th November 2011

The End of University - how to turn a crisis into an opportunity

3:00 pm, Cloister of the Former Monastery of S. Chiara

Lectio magistralis performed by Emanuele Invernizzi

Read Me Live

5:00 pm, Fondazione Carigo

Reading and meeting with the poets Elaine Feeney (Ireland) and
Agne Zagrakalyte (Lithuania).
Introduction performed by Alberto Princis and Francesco Tomada.

At the end of… all powerfulness

6:15 pm, Fondazione Carigo

Pier Aldo Rovatti - We, the Barbarians- a dominant subculture

7:45 pm
Wine tasting performed by the Tourist Wine Movement

8:45 pm
Consuelo Casula - The strength of vulnerability. How to use resilience to overcome difficulties