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The fifth edition of the Cultural Festival entitled O_PERSUASIONI has been organised in synergy with events officially dedicated to Carlo Michelstaedter during the centenary of his death.

Several events will deal with the following topics: methods of persuasion, conviction, advice, induction, exhortation, spiel, but also certainty and pliability and their opposites such as dissuasion, deviation, obstinacy and inflexibility. Persuasion, as Michelstaedter describes, is the inner-mystic- feeling of peace and constancy, of self-control, of individual ethics in contrast with logic and social constraints, or happiness in believing and belonging to oneself. The theme of these days deals with the persuasion of the text and the transformation of the reader.

Moreover, this year and next year, within the framework of the Cultural Festival, some events deal with a project of cultural cooperation supported by the EU Cultural Programme 2007-2013, entitled READ ME LIVE: Promotion of Reading Culture through Live Literature. Internationally renowned writers and poets will be reading their texts live and meeting their audience: during this initiative several important EU cultural festivals are gathering in order to promote their own territories and towns. The Cultural festival and the Ex Border association (the only one in Friuli Venezia to be chosen by the EU Executive Agency) will participate in the project together with the International Literary Festival of Vilenica (Slovenia), Druskininkai Poetic Fall in Vilnius (Lithuania) Cuirt, International Festival of Literature of Galway (Ireland).

This 'chance for ideas to dance', as the Cultural Festival has always defined itself, will host writers and poets, musicians and artists, scientists and philosophers, psychologists and anthropologists, as well as film shows and artistic exhibitions relevant to the theme chosen. And of course there will be no lack of, concerts, entertainment and shows at the event.

Il volo di Carlo Michelstaedter
Il volo di Carlo Michelstaedter